Why We Got Into Ambit Energy?

Ambit Energy Sign Up was started by Kevin Johnson & Joseph Farrar. Both partners have multiple other successful businesses, but after seeing the Ambit Energy opportunity, it was a NO BRAINER for them to get involved with Ambit.

"Kevin mentioned Ambit to me while discussing building a new website for his reptile breeding business. I said sure, I'm always open to checking out new information / ideas. I watched the video below and didn't even finish it before I knew this Ambit Energy thing, if it was for real, was GOLD! Finding a way to make money on the energy people use every day & be able to help people save money on their energy bills too...? I took some notes & fast forwarded through the video I was watching to see what kind of numbers were offered through Ambit. It's work to get to the point of making $50k or more each month, but so is everything I've done to bring in numbers like that. HOWEVER, with Ambit you can stop working, retire and receive checks for the rest of your life! You can even put your Ambit checks into your will. The more I learned about Ambit Energy, the more I wanted to get started immediately & bring my web development & Internet marketing skills to grow it. I WISH I had heard about Ambit Energy several years sooner, but I'm still psyched to gey involved while Ambit still had less than 3% market share. It is SO easy to get involved with Ambit, I suggest to EVERYONE I meet, that they take a look at Ambit for themselves. I've never seen something like this, this good and I am not sure if I will ever come across something SO lucrative again in this life." ---Joseph Farrar

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