From landing at Plymouth Rock, celebrating the first Thanksgiving and making waves at the Boston Tea Party, few states represent our nation’s boldest achievements quite like Massachusetts.

That’s why we at Ambit Energy make certain every Customer here in the Bay State receives our highest standard of care, value and service by working closely with leading power transmission and distribution companies in Massachusetts.

So for leading the way with some of our country’s most revolutionary advances, we thank you. And we’re excited to provide more and more Massachusetts Customers the unmatched service and value you deserve.

Ambit Energy Customers in Massachusetts receive their service from the following energy transmission and distribution company:

  • National Grid provides gas and Electric service to Boston and most of northeastern Massachusetts, as well as areas in the southeast and mid-state.
  • Eversource provides energy to Customers to more than 80 cities and towns in Massachusetts, including Boston and the surrounding area

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