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All you need to do is say "Yes, I want SunRun Solar" and SunRun handles the rest for you, from design, permitting, installation, maintenance & more!

SunRun is the largest dedicated residential solar company in the United States. Ambit Energy has partnered up with SunRun Solar both residential AND commercial solar energy options to customers.

Ambit / SunRun Solar is available in: California, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and New York

Questions About SunRun Solar

SunRun currently services over 75,000 customers in the United States. With nearly 20 years designing, installing and maintaining high-quality solar energy systems, SunRun is the best choice for saving money on your utility bills and helping the environment through using green energy.

Site Assessment

A SunRun Solar technician will visit your home shortly after contacting us. Your system design will be chosen, measurements taken & verified, shade and obstruction adjustments will be performed for your new roof.

Design Approval

Following the technicians site assessment, SunRun Solar design experts will make any necessary system adjustments. These will be delivered to you for final approval.
Timeline = 1 - 3 weeks.


Upon your final approval, SunRun Solar will submit your design to your local city to obtain the necessary permits. This process is dependent on the speed with which your local government works to process your new system.
Timeline = 2 - 8 weeks.


Upon your city's approval of your permit, SunRun Solar will install your beautiful new solar panels on your new roof!
Timeline = 2 - 5 days.

City / County Inspections

Once the installation of your new solar panels are completed, your city or county will perform a final inspection of your solar system, before it can be connected to the grid.
Timeline = 1 - 4 weeks.

Utility Interconnection

You are now in the final stages. SunRun Solar will submit your documents to your utility company and they will install a net meter, which allows SunRun Solar to track how much solar electricity you produce and use.
Timeline = 3 - 6 weeks.

Power Up Your System and Start Saving!

Once your utility company approves your "Permission to Operate", which means you're free to power up your solar system to begin generating clean, affordable, money-saving solar energy right from your OWN roof! Congratulations, you are now using green renewable solar energy in your home!

Timeline = 1 - 2 weeks.

Affordable Solar for Your Home, Brought to You by a Name You Trust.

  • Save 20% on your electric bill*, a low, locked in rate can save 20 percent off your electricity bills* over the life of your solar lease agreement
  • Pay little to no upfront costs for a custom solar system designed for your home and energy needs, with no-hassle financing including plans for little to zero down
  • Protection from rising utility prices
  • All you pay for is the power, NOT the panels
  • Certified experts — Over 75,000 customers nationwide
  • Credibility — Nearly two decades of installation experience
  • A custom solar system designed for the energy needs of your home
  • It’s the responsible thing to do that’s as good for the earth as it is for your wallet

Current Markets:

Solar is now available in California, Massachusetts, New York and New Jersey. CONTACT US to Start saving today.

*Savings claim based on average SunRun contract signed before September 15, 2014, payment by automatic debit and assumed annual utility rate of increase of 3.5%. Actual savings will vary. Savings depend on several factors, including product type, system production, geography, weather, shade, electricity usage and utility rate structures and rate increases. See SunRun.com/save20 for details.

Become a SunRun Solar Customer

  • Get SunRun’s worry-free service —
  • SunRun takes care of all the PAPERWORK
  • SunRun takes care of all the FINANCIANG
  • SunRun takes care of all the APPROVALS
  • SunRun takes care of all the INSTALLATION
  • SunRun takes care of all the INSURANCE
  • SunRun takes care of all the MONITORING
  • SunRun takes care of all the MAINTENANCE

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